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We will provide here links to related causes and NGO as well as resources for learning english !

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English in Dakar (English School)


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List of Countries that changed their first foreign language to English :

- Indonesia

- Cambodia

- Vietnam

- Cuba

- Romania

- Rwanda

- Many Eastern European countries

- ...

Many countries, including ALL developed countries adopted English as 1st foreign language to serve their interests



Telephone calls captured (dummy recipients)

Forged and fake rumours are spread around us

The distribution of our flyers is disrupted

Intimidations and threats made


Help us communicate our message to break out from tyranny and censorship



Appels téléphoniques Détournés

Des rumeurs fausses et calamiteuses sont répandues autour de nous

La distributions de nos flyers est perturbée

Intimidations et menaces faites


Aidez nous à communiquer notre message pour sortir de la tyrannie et la censure


Petition for Tunis

This is a petition to restore the
cachet of Tunis city …

Cadran Politic (News Website from Romania)

The journalists of Cadran Politic have nicely referenced us on their website !