This is initiative has started when a group of Tunisian citizens noticed the fact that we were among the last nations on earth not to speak English as 1st foreign language … Following that each time we thought about it we found a new good side or advantage to it … Therefore has emerged the idea of this initiative as a way to help the developing economies like Tunisia to develop by simply changing the first foreign language they used … As Tunisians, our native language is Arabic and we had been using French as first foreign language following the French occupation of Tunisia from 1881 to 1956 as a practical way to access science and technology. We have no reason to keep doing that because French is not our language and because today it acts as a screen as the only scientific or technological publications that reach us are only the ones translated to French … Therefore we may be missing material which is useful to us. Thirdly, the use of the French language is acting like a barrier between us and other countries other than France which keeps us in a state of isolation and dependency to France ….

With this initiative, based on benevolent work, we hope for our country and our people to start a new era of openness and international exchanges which will be diversified and rich, on all levels : Scientific, technological, economical, cultural, political … where we could really belong and contribute to the international community !

We are militating for the independence and sovereignty of our African countries in order to restore the African peoples’ right to self determination and to let the African peoples’ make their own history and their own systems in their own countries! They could do this by:

· Diversifying their international relations and international cooperation (and not be limited to one or two countries, to do this they also need to speak English which is the international language)

· Making their own systems of government best suited for their needs and specific problems after consulting many other existing systems in many other countries (at least 10 different relevant countries) and after checking their cultural heritage for inspiration, and then producing their own unique institutions

· By developing and modernizing their own culture by producing cultural goods and cultural productions inspired from their own cultural legacy and specific culture while discovering all the other cultures in world instead of being imposed the culture of a single other country

We are also militating to allow those countries to make the reforms in order to make English their 2nd language in order to diversify their international relations and to be connected with the rest of the world, without being held under the domination of any country in particular, while speaking English also allows to make more development by allowing access to science and technology and by helping attract more foreign investments!

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List of Countries that changed their first foreign language to English :

- Indonesia

- Cambodia

- Vietnam

- Cuba

- Romania

- Rwanda

- Many Eastern European countries

- ...

Many countries, including ALL developed countries adopted English as 1st foreign language to serve their interests



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