In this page you will find all the elements of our Tunisia Campaign aimed to support Tunisia in any efforts to modernize its education system or any other part of its government by the use of the English language.

The campaign is aimed to raise awareness about the stakes related to the use of the English language in Tunisia and to provide the sufficient support to give them the possibility to carry out the reforms. We need your support !

· Open letter to the French government (English, French)

· Letters of support (English, French, Arabic)  - You can send letters here

· Online Petition (English, French, Arabic) - You can sign for support here

· Flyers (English, French)

We wish to remind everybody that our cause is aimed for the greater good, our cause would have positive effects on Tunisia (development, integration in the international community, more independence) but would as well have a positive effect for all the neighbouring and partner countries including France. Take the example of the European community, it developed because every country made exchanges with all other countries … If one of those countries was constrained to have exchanges only with only one other country it would have been worse for the 1st country, the 2nd country and for the whole European community as well (By the way, English is the 1st foreign language of all European countries). The language barrier for Tunisia (as for the other African countries) is inhibiting and impeding countless possibilities for cooperation and development with many countries, therefore, it is harmful to all the countries involved. Our action is aimed to give the necessary support to the Tunisian officials to do it and to call for the rejection of any negative policies and practices in the matter that are detrimental to everybody.

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List of Countries that changed their first foreign language to English :

- Indonesia

- Cambodia

- Vietnam

- Cuba

- Romania

- Rwanda

- Many Eastern European countries

- ...

Many countries, including ALL developed countries adopted English as 1st foreign language to serve their interests



Telephone calls captured (dummy recipients)

Forged and fake rumours are spread around us

The distribution of our flyers is disrupted

Intimidations and threats made


Help us communicate our message to break out from tyranny and censorship



Appels téléphoniques Détournés

Des rumeurs fausses et calamiteuses sont répandues autour de nous

La distributions de nos flyers est perturbée

Intimidations et menaces faites


Aidez nous à communiquer notre message pour sortir de la tyrannie et la censure


The Tunisia Campaign