In this page you will find the list of our partners and supporters.


The English Hour is the weekly program in English of Radio Arc-En-Ciel in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The program aims to promote the use of English in Ivory Coast and in relation with other English programs aims to make English the 2nd official language of Ivory Coast ! The English Hour supports our initiaitive and we support its efforts in the promotion of the use of English. We will soon put recordings of the program on this page ! Keep in touch !

English in Dakar is an English school in Dakar, Senegal. They believe that learning English is a positive step for the empowerment of people as it provides them with access to much wider variety of information that more closely suits their needs. On theur website they run a small press review of articles in English on Senegal. « English in Dakar » supports our initiaitve and we support their efforts to empower people through the use of English in Senegal.


Moroccans for English is a group of Moroccans who wants to promote the use of English in Morocco in schools, administrations and businesses in order to modernize their countries and join the rest of the world ! We have had exchanges with « Moroccans for English » since early in our movement, they are our friends, we obviously support their actions and their efforts as much as they support ours ! Here is their manifesto !

MELA is an association of English teachers based in Mahdia, Tunisia. Their goals are to find new ways to teaching English as well as to enhance cultural diversity. MELA exists since 2006, they share the same objectives than us and their motto is : “Keep the candle burning and keep the dream growing !”. MELA supports our initiative and we support its efforts to enhance the teaching of English in Tunisia and in particular in Mahdia as well as their efforts to enhance cultural diversity through English.

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List of Countries that changed their first foreign language to English :

- Indonesia

- Cambodia

- Vietnam

- Cuba

- Romania

- Rwanda

- Many Eastern European countries

- ...

Many countries, including ALL developed countries adopted English as 1st foreign language to serve their interests



Telephone calls captured (dummy recipients)

Forged and fake rumours are spread around us

The distribution of our flyers is disrupted

Intimidations and threats made


Help us communicate our message to break out from tyranny and censorship



Appels téléphoniques Détournés

Des rumeurs fausses et calamiteuses sont répandues autour de nous

La distributions de nos flyers est perturbée

Intimidations et menaces faites


Aidez nous à communiquer notre message pour sortir de la tyrannie et la censure


Oaks of Righteousness Movement International is a non profit organization from Togo which goal is to promote righteousness and to fight poverty and social injustice to help bring more assistance and help to the needy and underprivileged communities. They like our initiative and wanted to participate so they wanted to be among our supporters. We do support their actions as well like building schools, helping pupils with their education and volunteer programs ...

This Facebook group is militating for the implementation of English as the Second language in Morocco. They want their country to profit from all the advantages offered by the English language. They don’t understand why their country keeps teaching another language as second language and they don’t want to stay prisoners of the past. They are our partners and we obviously support their cause and wish them all our best. They have a very punchy and interesting manifesto.

The ligue is adhering to our vision to make English the 1st foreign language of the cultural expression framework of Benin. They believe in the future of our project, particularly in Benin. The Ligue is a group of people trying to foster the Entrepreneurship spirit in Benin, in particular, in the field of community work and helping people in their immediate environment. We do support their actions and efforts to move Benin forward.

FOJEC’NTIC is an important Ivorian consumer organization dedicated to the consumers of information and telecommunications technologies. It has 15000 members all over Ivory Coast. FOJEC’NTIC supports our initiative. We do as well support the important work FOJEC’NTIC is doing in Ivory Coast

ABA Africa is a foundation from Uganda which goal is to fight poverty. They help in particular disaster affected people, destitute children, Orphans, widows, widowers, elderly, refugees, disabled, people staying in Internally Displaced Camps and poor families affected by AIDS. They do training and counselling and also mobilize communities to engage in development programs  to fight poverty. We support their actions and their support our initiative as a means to fight poverty and isolation in Africa.

This school based in Mauritania is aiming to help the local population through education. They are greatly in need of any support with material or funding. They support our initiative because they share our vision of making the 1st foreign language in Africa because it would make it easier for Africans to connect with each other and with others around the world. It would also help peace and understanding in Africa. We do support their efforts to help children in Mauritania through education.

Their motto : It is easier to train a child than to repair a man.

Standard Foundation International Preparatory School

Needs your support


Sencurm Cinima Sada


+222 3229395

ADAI is a Tunisian elite engineers organization. It is aimed to foster communication, friendship and partnership between its members. It has 4000 members who are corporate executives or engineering students. ADAI's members are and will be among the leading elite of Tunisia and are consequently involved in its future. Therefore ADAI supports our cause as it is in the best interest of Tunisia and of the other African countries. We also support the important work done by ADAI to bring together brilliant Tunisian minds and create good dynamics between them

COCSD is a non-profit organization which goal is to fight poverty. It is working with local communities on environmental issues and they also provide education to disaster affected people, destitute children, orphans, widows, widowers, elderly, refugees, and poor families affected by AIDS in particular. They are promoting righteousness and fighting poverty and social injustice. They support our initiative and want to see DRC speak English as 1st foreign language. They are the initiators of the DRC Campaign on our website. We do support all their important actions and welcome their militancy at our side to help bring more progress and development in Africa!

Conservationists on Call for Sustainable Development

Text Box: COCSD

Supporters & Partners

CADIA is an organization that provides an accelerated college preparatory education with a special focus on language, science, mathematics, sport and arts. They have campuses in Mali, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda and DRC in partnership with local African universities. Like us, CADIA is also advocating for developing countries in Africa to speak English to develop themselves and get out of isolation, poverty & exclusion. They think our initiative is a great educational, cultural and socio-politically liberating opportunity for Africa's population. We also support the crucial work of CADIA in promoting education in Africa and providing opportunities for African youth!