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New <24 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Ivory Coast] i am very happy to discorver for first time ur siteweb. i think that it ist very important that all african speak english. i write u to support ur ideas and tell u that i want to participate


New <23 Feb> [BEST ONES] (Personal message from petitioner) [From Ivory Coast] all my encouragement in the fighting to give more freedom through English

New <23 Feb> [BEST ONES] (Personal message from petitioner) [From Angola] i suport many African because they like to speeck english, and that is very nice for us, the english languase it,s ho conected us with other foreign population 

New <23 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Mali] english is very useful today, I encourage you for your petition

New <22 Feb> [From Burina Faso] Excellent initiative. I am very happy. […]

New <22 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Benin] English is very important nowadays

New <21 Feb> [BEST ONES] (Personal message from petitioner) [From RDC] Nous devons accepter et apprendre la langue anglaise pour le développement et l'apanouissement notamment avec la rencontre des autres peuples, lesquels peuvent partager nos expériences

New <20 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Algeria] i think that is first step for us and i know much here in algeria wich wanna learning english because it's not an luxury now it's very important advantage for out of our isolation and we must to be in our time i am with you for changed the world our world thanks you to you for the initiative good luck

New <19 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Mozambique] I really appreciate if the rest African countries speak english as their first [foreign] language. This will bring conectively and development.

New <18 Feb> [BEST ONES] [From Ivory Coast] Great is my joy to write to you and encourage you in the work you are doing. As a translator - interpreter […] I can clearly understand the importance of English in […] the development of any country that really aspires to develop. This is why I stand as being ready to help as much as I can […]. I went to burkina Faso in the year 2007 and I could witness how the linguistic barrier can kill the progress of people and that of their nations in the sense that they are limited only to those they can interact with. […]. How much are losing those that are blocked by the linguistic handicap; when they encounter people who want to give them so much but they can not receive because of the linguistic handicap. How much are losing our inhabitants in our villages and towns because of that linguistic barrier that even at times is primary. I do understand the importance of the cause and I stand as ready to help […].

New <15 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Burundi] Thanks a lot for your assistance.

New <15 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From DRC] i hope that this will become a reality in my country DRCongo

New <14 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From DRC] I agree

New <14 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Tajikistan] Courage

New <12 Feb> [From Morocco] thank you for this initiative […]

New <10 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Mozambique] As an English teacher who has worked in Africa for about 8 years i fully realise the value of English as a tool for personal and national development

New <09 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Algeria] im agreed with ur message! thanks so much!!

New <09 Feb> [From Algeria] thanks for the effort to help north Africa countries to use the English language as a first foreign language

New <09 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Ivory Coast] English is compulsory nowadays be cause it's impossible to make around the world without it. Let all Africans (where English is not 1st language) government make effot and action for their citizen in order to speak Shakespeare language

New <09 Feb> [BEST ONES] [From Mali] I'm very happy to send you this message because I am malia and official language is french but that doesn't show anything. I use everytime english in oder to conect myself to the rest world. Think you for your Initiative may god bless you and give courage.

New <08 Feb> [From Morocco] a agree that africa need to speac english

New <08 Feb> [From Ivory Coast] I want to give you thanks for your outstanding leadership and the clear knowledge you have on the need that is still the reality of our Continent. the world is going smoller but also it is changing fast. this new world requiere a new set of knowledge and a new kind of leadership that need every dimenssion of us as a Humanbeeing.a leadership that cannot be learn or teach but a leadership that has to be experienced in a competive economy where getting a job is about what we know but also how fast we are affordable to learn what we don't know. people of our generation need to enbody the spirit of openess to reach their purposes.

<07 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Algeria] My name is peace cream from Algeria to thank you for the assistance that you provide to African countries as a matter of love and acquaintance I owe you […] Tqublo me a great appreciation and respect

<07 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Mali] I thing that you're right. God bless you. Nice to heard your voice for all african countries. Read you soon.

<06 Feb> [From Algeria] my opinion iam agree with you because the language english is the first forieng in the world and people contact with thier by that language

<06 Feb> [From Mali] Helo!I want know what you have by breaking out from tyranny and censorship. I live in a french speaking country. I can't speak correctly english. How can I perfect my english. I need help. Thank you very much!

<05 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Algeria] merci pour les efforts que vous faites pour utiliser la langue anglaise dans les institutions et systeme éducatif aux gouvernements africains

<05 Feb> [From Mali] With english you can move can go to every part of the world easily. Everywhere you want. I adore english because it is the best language

<03 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Tunisia] i totally agree with you on the importance of speaking english as foreign language in the Nothern parts of the African continent.

<02 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Senegal] BONJOUR Je salue votre initiative très sincerement.L'Afrique francophone a vraiment besoin de se developper et la connaissance de l'englais est très importante pour ça. MERCI

<01 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Senegal] Personnellement, je confirme que la voie de sortie des pays africains(notamment francofaune) du sous-développement est sans doute la maitrise de la langue Anglaise!

<01 Feb> (Personal message from petitioner) [From DRC] Bonjour, Je soutien cette sensibilisation d'encourager les pays de notre continent ainsi que d'autres à utiliser l'anglais comme première langue étrangère afin de nous permettre d'être ouvert au monde et par conséquent accéder au développement qui serait bloqué à cause de l'isolement. Que nos dirigants comprennent l'importance de cette option. Mieux vaut tard que jamais dit-on.

<31 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Gambia] I adour the petition to taken seriously by anybody who is ready to make a difference in this noble course. English should be well spoken in our continent

<30 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Kenya] I agree with you that Africa needs English. Thanks for your campaign for English in Africa. It is a great need indeed.

<29 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Nigeria] Speaking English language will enable you to go beyond your limits and boundaries.

<28 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Mali] je soutiens la pétition en ligne par rapport aux réformes lingustiques à la faveur de l'anglais.

<28 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Benin] Je soutiens fortement l'initiative

<28 Jan> [From Guinea] I'm very happy to see this.I'm interrested in english language,but i'm not very good in it and i really want to be the best in english.I appreciete it i share your opinions. Thank you

<27 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Mali] L'introduction de l'Anglais doit être une primauté à tous les niveau du système éducatif des gouvernements des pays Africains. Certes, l'Anglais est plus qu'une langue de communication universelle, c'est un outil et un facteur de décollage économique donc de développement mais les langues nationales doivent servirent de langue de travail c'est-dire utilisées dans l'administration publique donc des langues officielles

<27 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Mozambique] hello. If we joint our minds...we can win poverty. I am with you, against the privation caused by deficieny of english

<26 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Mali] i give my support for any effort of people needed to use English a second language in my country

<26 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Ivory Coast] Votre opinion est de taille en ce sens que où qu'on aille pour étudier, négocier ou commercer, la langue officielle internationale est l'Anglais. I just conclude that it is a must for us to learn english from our childhood

<25 Jan> [From Angola] i need so mach to learn english language, to job and to tolk with difirent people. to comunicate all over the wourld. this language is very important

<24 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Mali] Vous avez entièrement mon soutien, bravo et du courage

<22 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Ivory Coast] I appreciate the initiative;we have the same vision.

<20 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Ivory Coast] It's a conviction for me that English is a very important language for the development of my country

<20 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Angola] I`ts very important to know English because it help us to communicate with other people and allow us to follow all advances that occurs in any scientific filds and helps us to understand other cultures and to be understand.

<20 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Algeria] Yes I'm for English to be in educational system […]

<18 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Ivory Coast] i agree whith all you do for us. may god bless you

<18 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) for me English should be the first foreign language in my country instead of the french language, and i'm sure that most of the people would agree with me

<18 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Mali] Nous devons aller au delà de la pétition pour mettre en place un vrais reseau d'action afin d'influencer les décision des dirrigents de ces pays seulement francophone qui pourront dificilement obtenir une telle reforme de france

<18 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Mali] Au Mali je souhaite une reforme de l'enseignement qui introduirai l'anglais dépuis la maternelle et donner plus de place à l'enseignement des langues (anglais et français) de la 1ère classe jusqu'à la 6ème. La matrise de ces deux langues en primaire facilite l'apprentissage des autres diciplines.Ainsi nous aurons des élèves et étudiants excellents. Ce que je regrette le plus aujourd'hui dans mon cursus scolaire est la non maîtrise de l'anglais parlé

<18 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Algeria] i am a teacher of english in a middle school-algeria- i want to participate in your programme of supporting the use of english in my country

<18 Jan> [From Benin] I really appreciate the initiative because English language is like a passport for whoever understand it

<17 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Senegal] I'm agree with you for this Petition.I'm astudent at the university but I'm verry bad at english that why I sign.

<17 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Algeria] la richesse d'un pays est d'abord sa capacité à s'intégrer dans le monde, à le connaitre et le comprendre ; la langue anglaise permet d'atteindre cet objectif; qu'elle soit aussi la langue de travail et de recherche


<17 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Somalia] I am stongly supporting this sentence, because world is globalized today

<17 Jan> [BEST ONES] [From Ivory Coast] I was very Proud when i saw that you had the same dream with me.I registered as a volunteer of the United Natioins.I am bilingual(English French) and i write in order to encourage you on this way and tell you that i will like to be Always on your sides for any assistance. Thanks

<15 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Algeria] by this space you have done a very good step. i agree with you. the english lge has become the globale lge.

<15 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Algeria] I’m with this idea

<15 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Angola] IM GLAD TO KNOW ENGLISH

<14 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Guinea] I accept to promote english languagein my country

<14 Jan> [BEST ONES] (Personal message from petitioner) [From Burkina Faso] thanks

<14 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From DRC] Si cela peut contribuer au developement de mon pays,Je pense que c'est une bonne chose et j, invite les autotées de notre pays de prevoir un budjet pour ça et aussi vulgriser l'information à grande echelle je pense qu'il faut suivre un pays africain qui a réussis

<13 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Mali] I hereby invite all African Nations to consider English sincerely as primarily and most important international language than any other language in the world. We have noticed here in Africa as the United States of America and Great Britain have dominated scientific reasearch and technic with great astronauts and scientists discoveries in late 19century and twenty and twenty first century. We Africans we should make sure that we still have the possibility to reverse French language in Africa in favor of English as predominant of the most powerful nations'language. With kind regards,

<13 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From DRC] Je soutien aussi l'initiative

<10 Jan> [BEST ONES] (Personal message from petitioner) [From Burkina Faso] I am disadvanteged by langage (french speaking) in my job. However any helps are welcome for french cantry to starte learning english since nursery school.

<09 Jan> [BEST ONES] [From Benin] i like what you wrote about learning english for african cause nowadays english is the most spoken language in the world.i am a student and i would like you to give a famous website in which i can easily learn english because i can see how english is important for we african.

<08 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Somalia] I well know that the formal english language is best needed inn my country as such

<08 Jan> [BEST ONES] (Personal message from petitioner) [From Algeria] I don't like french language, because they do not let us to develope. English is used all over the world, and it is a fact, yes we go ahead better with english.

<07 Jan> [BEST ONES] [From Senegal] Even though it happend in a casual way, I have welcomed your website. I am a student who has been fond of English as early as I begeun to learn it in my Secondary School. […]. To be frank, as far as my country (Senegal) is concerned, we can not escape the use of English, day by day. I can not find the words to express my gratitude to your envied vision in a world that is moving more and more in togetheness. Thank you very much!

<07 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Senegal] English being an irreversible language in the work of today's world, I am, as an English student, ready to do my best for an implementation of such a language in my country. I consider it an appropiate means of communication between the different peoples of the world.

<07 Jan> [BEST ONES] [From Algeria] I am a studand of English in a public univesity […] I want to help the developement of English in my country and I want to help the developement of Algeria throug English

<07 Jan> [BEST ONES] (Personal message from petitioner) [From Ivory Coast] Hi ! I think it is a good initiative and i am willing to help you achieve your goal. I am from Côte d'Ivoire and I am aware of the importance of English as first foreign language

<07 Jan> [BEST ONES] [From Ivory Coast] Hi ! I think it is very important to speak English worldwide. I hope you achieve your goal in Africa

<05 Jan> [BEST ONES] [From Niger] Just to say you i 'm enjoyed to read your statement. I 'm from a french [speaking] country but very interested by English language I m learning now. THANKS YOU.

<05 Jan> [BEST ONES] [From DRC] however i live in a country where french is spoken, i like english because that help me to talk with much people around the world. I don't speak english fluently but i try to learn everyday when i talk with other, write to other and i like corresponding by internet with all people around the world.

<04 Jan> [From DRC] I am really interesting in your idea of making English becomes the 1st foreign Language in most African countries, especially for the reasons that you have mentioned. I am working in this field since a longtime in the Ministry of education of our country "Democratic Republic of Congo" […] to provide congolese schools with the english books for the teaching of English in the secondary schools

<04 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Tunisia] I really think that the use of English as a foreign language in Tunisia is insufficient and therefore I am very optimistic and enthusiastic about your initiative. I believe that English should be more valorised in the educational system to enable people to use it and master it conveniently in everyday life. So, I suggest the implementation of more exchange programs between Tunisian and foreign pupils or students; besides I would have liked to have access to more radio broadcasted English programs (since we only listen to the English program on our National radio for simply 30 minutes a day, which is a very little!)...

<04 Jan> [BEST ONES] [From Senegal] hello, nowadays, we're talking about world mondialisation and globalisation, and i think it's not possible to be open in the world without speaking english. if African's countries want to be develloping, they have to improve thier english.

<04 Jan> (Personal message from petitioner) [From Madagascar] L'autorité de Fait issue d'un putsch à enlever de sa Constitution de sa 4è republique l'Anglais parmi les trois Langues Officiels :Malagasy - francais- Anglais de la 3é republique !



Although we might not like it [The English language], it's a universal language, much easier to learn than Russian and more precise above all in technical matters

Fidel Castro,
Head of State, Cuba

The English language is of particular importance in the world, it is adopted as the language of work and research in the globalized world

David Chivela,
Director of the National Institute of Educational Development, Angola

English is now recognized worldwide as an international language and the recognition of its advantages are numerous. […] Currently it is estimated that 80% of business communication conducted in English. There are many great reasons that anyone could consider English language here includes freedom to move, the opportunity for a better job and create a better social atmosphere.

Lutfi Dervishi,

Education is the wealth of Chile and English opens doors to increase that wealth

Sergio Bitar,
Minister of Education, Chile

We know our lives are linked more than ever to an international presence, and if you can't speak English, you can't sell and you can't learn

Sergio Bitar,
Minister of Education, Chile

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Julio Cesar Valentin, asked Secretary of Education, Melanio Paredes, investing resources and generous efforts to improve English teaching in public and private schools in the country to have a generation in the near future to enable the nation to grow

Julio Cesar Valentin,
President of the Chamber of Deputies, Dominican Republic

[English] the language of successful integration into the global economy

Nursultan Nazarbayev,
Head of State, Kazakhstan

Men hate each other because they fear each other; 
They fear each other because they don't know each other; 
They don't know each other because they are so often separated from each other.”

Martin Luther King Jr.,
Civil rights movement leader, USA

Really it is not choosing English for its own sake, This is a way to make Rwanda to be equal, to use English. English is now a world language, especially in trade and commerce. Rwanda is trying to attract foreign investors — most of these people are speaking English. It's choosing English as a medium of instruction so we Rwandans of today, and more importantly of tomorrow, will be able to benefit. If Spanish or any other language could get us to that, no problem. If Kinyarwanda could get us to that, that would be marvellous. It is not English for its own sake.

Claver Yisa,
Director of policy planning at the education ministry, Rwanda

The movement [speaking English in Vietnam] was strongly supported by a variety of jobs offered through foreign investments. English, the use of which was more popular in the South, tended to be a reason for more foreign investment there than in the North [Where Russian was more spoken].

Do Huy Thinh,
Vietnamese TESOL Association, Vietnam



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List of Countries that changed their first foreign language to English :

- Indonesia

- Cambodia

- Vietnam

- Cuba

- Romania

- Rwanda

- Many Eastern European countries

- ...

Many countries, including ALL developed countries adopted English as 1st foreign language to serve their interests



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