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List of Countries that changed their first foreign language to English :

- Indonesia

- Cambodia

- Vietnam

- Cuba

- Romania

- Rwanda

- Many Eastern European countries

- ...

Many countries, including ALL developed countries adopted English as 1st foreign language to serve their interests



Telephone calls captured (dummy recipients)

Forged and fake rumours are spread around us

The distribution of our flyers is disrupted

Intimidations and threats made


Help us communicate our message to break out from tyranny and censorship



Appels téléphoniques Détournés

Des rumeurs fausses et calamiteuses sont répandues autour de nous

La distributions de nos flyers est perturbée

Intimidations et menaces faites


Aidez nous à communiquer notre message pour sortir de la tyrannie et la censure


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Thank you for visiting our website.
We wish to kindly remind you that we do not teach English nor provide funding.

We are militating for the right of the African and North African countries to speak English! Our cause is meant to help African and North African countries develop themselves and get out of isolation.

For countries, Speaking English has become a necessary requirement for development and international communication.

Almost all countries speak English as 1st foreign lan- guage to serve their vital interests.

Since English is the global language, most science and technology, business know- ledge, trade, economical exchanges, global institu- tions, international coopera- tion, media and communi- cations are in English.

At a country level, English is vital for deve- lopment, for the econo- my and for internatio- nal relations.

However the use of the English language has unfor- tunately remained very


limited in several African and North African countries which are today isolated from the rest of the world because they speak another foreign language. These African countries are almost the last countries in the world that don’t speak English as 1st foreign language (sometimes also called 2nd language ).

We are militating for those countries to be able to change their first foreign language to English.

The goal of this initiative is to gather enough support for these countries to allow them to use the English language as first foreign language in their schools, universities, businesses, administrations, and media.

Without support, these countries cannot make the reforms. This is why we have online petitions that you can sign. You can also invite your friends to sign it as well. Only the institutional reforms we have talked about (schools, universities, businesses, administration, media ...) would constitute a real progress. Without these reforms, nothing would change. To help those countries, sign our petition.

Furthermore, speaking another language than English is keeping those countries under the monopoly of a single western country. This situation is isolating those countries and their peoples, altering their vision of the world and reducing their liberties and their openness on the world. Speaking English would help them diversify their international relations, know more peoples around the world and be a more integral part of the international community. As a consequence, speaking English is a major stake for the independence of these countries and for the emancipation of their people.

The use of the English language in these countries would open for them the possibility to :

· Have access to the greatest number of most recent scientific and technological resources, best suited to their needs (70% of the scientific publications are in English)

· Have access to the latest developments in business and business knowledge in a global economy based on knowledge and innovation

· Help train more skilled workforce and create more efficient businesses meaning more jobs and less poverty

· Have access to more markets and opportunities from all over the world both for exports and imports enhancing considerably their economical condition

· Attract far more foreign investments and make it possible for business men from all over the world to invest, work and live in those countries

· Have access to more international cooperation and international aid

· Have access to more media and different perspectives and opinions about the news as well as communicating their own positions as well as promote their countries and widely broadcast their news

· Have access to the experiences of other emerging economies like India or Brazil, best suited to the problems of developing countries

· Promote their culture and have access to all the other cultures of the world

· Be more independent as they build more even and diversified international relations

Besides, the use of the English language gives the people of the world the possibility to know each other and communicate together promoting open mindedness, cultural exchange and world peace.